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5 x 5 minute ways to plan your week

We have all been there, it’s Sunday evening and we have 2 choices. Take an hour out and do a thorough plan of the week ahead and feel some small sense of accomplishment, or, make the most of the last remaining minutes of the weekend and cuddle up on the sofa in front of Netflix.


Both equally valuable (in significantly different ways), but very contradictory. They don’t really go hand in hand. Or do they?

What if I told you that you can plan the up coming week in just a few minutes so you feel the sense of achievement and reassurance as well as having the time to savoir the last few crumbs of the evening.

Pick your top 3 tasks for the week

Say goodbye to lists upon lists of jobs and tasks. The longer the list the higher the overwhelm! I know you will have a million things that you need to get done but identify your top 3.

Which 3 things will have the biggest impact and which 3 can you link to other smaller tasks?

For example, I know that I have to go to the bank for a meeting next week. I know that if I block out the time for it, I can also tack on additional small tasks that can also be done at the same time, such as posting letters or picking up shopping.

You can also double up by using driving or walking time to listen to a podcast, reply to messages or plan food for the week.

Work out your logistics

Because we have to be in a lot of places through the week (for work, meetings, dates, dinner with friends), it is really useful to book trains and work out timings for travel ahead of time so that you know exactly how much time you have in between to get ready or get smaller tasks out of the way. I have to travel a lot for work and, where I can, I book my travel for the week early on and plan things around it.

Identify 3 ways you can improve on last week

Reflecting on the previous week can help identify where you lost time or didn’t make the most out of the time you had. In app checks have made this easier by being able to set a quoter for the time you spend on certain apps but we can use this idea in lots of ways. How much time did you spend watching TV? In itself, I don’t see this as time pastes because we all need to relax and switch off. But being mindful of the AMOUNT of time spend is hugely valuable.

Keep in mind that there is relaxing down time and wasting time!

Schedule your workouts

I know not everyone is an avid gym goer like I am but it is proven than moving your body, working out and physical activity does us wonders mentally as well as physically. If working out isn’t something you hold high on your priority list, I urge you to find some time 3 times a week to get moving. I could be a walk or a yoga session, nothing overly strenuous! Your body will be boosted up with happy hormones, it is a great stress reliever and it also helps us feel strong and powerful.


It isn’t about the aesthetic (although it can be!), but more the mental clarity it brings which helps with focus and drive.

Identifying time for it at the beginning of the week means we are less likely to skip it or prioritise other things ahead of it.

Book something for you mid-week and/or at the weekend

Something I am hugely passionate about it finding the balance between enjoying every day, living life and getting shit done and working on your goals and dreams.

Some weeks we will naturally allocate more time on personal goals because there are things going on that need doing within a particular time frame and some weeks there are 10 birthdays, a wedding and a friend who needs consoling.

There is nothing we can do to guarantee which week we will have but I find that usually it’s goals that take over our time and make us feel flat when the week is over because we haven’t had as much fun as we would have wanted.


We can get overwhelmed with planning, pre planning and scheduling our time in order to help us feel like we are getting the most out of every day. I applaud this, and often find myself doing it but we also need to remember that every day needs to be enjoyed and making steps forward includes enjoyment, health and being social as well as milestones, achievements and goals. 

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