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I just said enough is enough

Sometimes you just get to the end of the line and have to make a hard right

I just woke up one morning and my gut, brain, intuition… whatever it was or whatever you want to call it…. Said ‘what the hell are you doing!?’

And that was it. It was decided. I was leaving my job, again, without another job lined up, again….

Yes, I have done this before. Do I recommend it? Not really, in the grand scheme of things I guess it isn’t ideal but I also believe that you know what you need to do better than you think you do.

Lets rewind a bit and get a bit of context. I started a job after the pandemic restrictions lifted, and I was looking forward to it. I even met a nice guy while I was there (that didn’t work out either but that’s a totally different story!). The hours were pretty savage and it was a long way from home so the commute was almost impossible.

Once day I woke up and said enough is enough. I don’t know what im going to do but I absolutely KNOW that things will work out. I really really just KNEW. I don’t know how but there were no feelings of worry.

And I have the same feeling now.

What does this have to do with planning, organising or getting ahead of the game?

Nothing directly, but life isn’t always about getting ahead or surpassing your own personal goals. It is about living, enjoying AND succeeding.

I’m not happy where I am, im not making any progress in several areas of my life because of the job I am in now. There are things in your life that are important to you, some more so than others, and its important that you find the balance between them all and if something is standing in the way you need to evaluate if it SHOULD be able to take precedent over the other things.

It is so important that we keep the balance. Let me explain where I have gone off balance and I hope it help you identify any imbalances you have.

My favourite things to do are working out (most days), going out for dinner, long catch ups with friends… the usual things that make people feel good.

First thing that started to drop off were the long chit chats. I need these, they are vital for me.

I am naturally introverted but I open up the more you get to know me. Running along side that, I question things (a lot) and need to verbalise situations and ideas to work through them and make sense of things. The best way for me to do that is to bounce them off someone else (I can’t be the only one!) and if I can’t do that, they just bounce around my head!

I then started to skip the gym in the morning because I was getting home late. ‘Don’t worry, its just a busy week’ … 3 months later…you guessed it! This doesn’t do my head any favours either. Slowly my diet started to slip, bit of comfort here and there, you know the drill.

This isn’t a diet/ fitness story. The conclusion I find myself in is this…. I’m constantly tired (mentally as much as anything else), I feel sick most mornings, I don’t feel strong, my head is cloudy and I have a million thoughts bouncing around that I cant get rid of. All because this isn’t the job for me.

Can you relate?

Eating well, working out, early nights etc etc are all habits and practices I have built up in order to keep me healthy, focused and in a positive state of mind. What am I doing letting a job, that quite frankly im not loving, get in the way of all that hard work I have built on?

If you have let things slip slowly, catch it. Don’t do yourself the disservice of letting your previous hard work go down the pan, especially if you are watching it happen!

There is, of course, a noticeable difference between a shitty week or a bad couple of days and continuously banging your head against a frustrating job with no progression!

Im not telling you to quit your job because you are having a shit week. I’m not telling you to pack it all in and travel the world because your boss is a pain in the ass (sounds like a good idea though… on the bucket list that goes…). But what I am sharing is that if your body, gut, mind- or all of the above- is telling you its not right, you are losing touch with people, great habits are becoming less habitual or personal gains and softening, take a look.

We only have 1 life, and I have seen it cut short too many times. We all have ambitions, goals and dreams and they should ABSOLUTELY be honoured, worked on, nurtured and celebrated. Goals and achievements are what take us higher, make us stronger and better people. But so does our health, friendships, family and hobbies. I often find that it is these seemingly ‘lesser’ priorities get dropped first but they make the bigger goals more manageable and enjoyable.

Hitting a personal goal is far more pleasurable when you get to clink margarita glasses with your bestie to celebrate. Learning something you have always been interested in comes into its own when you get to discuss it with like minded people. And nothing feels as good as being healthy and happy.

Keep the balance and all these things become celebrations in their own right.

Lucy sign off

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