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New jobs, changes and forgiveness

a notebook saying embrace change

I recently started a new job. 

After 7 years at my previous one and 6 years in the one before that, it’s safe to say, I’m not a job hopper! I am a creature of habit and like to find my feet, plant them firmly and stay there (with a bit of upward growth for good measure).

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a challenge or learning new things but that I don’t like being the ‘newbie’. Being the person with the answers, rather the one always asking questions feels safer. The opposite is like a fish out of water.

The other side to this very solid coin is that when new things come along, you are faced with the challenge of starting again or staying where you are.

But we all need growth. Not just because it gives us better opportunities, jobs, income (and the like) but also because our brains are wired to receive information and soak it up like a sponge. If we didn’t, we would still be living in caves, lighting fires with sticks and believing that snake on the Nokia 3310 was the hight of gaming on the go!

As I write this, I haven’t even started the job yet! I’m wafting around in a sea of uncertainty but on the precipice of excitement and a waterfall of anticipation…

And now I am writing after 3 weeks of being there… yes you read that right. This post has been picked up and put down so many times and I don’t even think I have been able to keep track of it properly. But that’s ok. I didn’t want to rewrite the beginning because what I want to tell you hasn’t changed.

Am I still in a sea of uncertainty? Absolutely. Have I transitioned into the question answerer? Nope. But I am embracing the uncertainty? As much as I can.

Staying where you are is safe. It feels good in a lot of ways because all of your other habits and lifestyle routines slot easily around it after months or years of perfecting and tweaking. When we change 1 thing, we inevitably change everything around it. 

My brain wasn’t ready for this. I hadn’t prepared myself for the inevitable feeling of throwing all the cards in the air and watching them land, fly away and get lost.

Here is what you need to remember.

Its not going to work in the beginning. Everything is going to be a shit storm for a while, and that’s ok. You will drop habits for a bit, sack off morning routines and eat what ever finds its way close to your hands. When things change, we use different parts of the brain and more energy learning all the new stuff. This makes working out, getting up early and finding time for planning hard. You need to remember that this is happening because you are in growth mode and not because you are failing.

It will come back. Once you master some of the new things going on around you, you will find a rhythm.  During my first 2 weeks at my new job, I didn’t go to the gym… at all. Going from 5/6 days a week to nothing was horrible. I hated it. But I had to let that go and know that I would find the balance again.

Your new routine might even end up being better than the one you had before! Sometimes we get so caught up in sticking rigidly to the plan, routine and schedule that we don’t upgrade it, revaluate it or mix it up at all. There are so many ways to improve yourself that you couldn’t possibly get through all of them but most things are worth giving a go! Imagine if you only had 1 flavour ice cream for ever or only read books by one author!? Changes in live and pattern give you the perfect opportunity to grow in other ways at the same time. Working early in the morning now? Try working out in the evening. Disclaimer, you might hate it, but you might not! But either way you will know for sure and knowledge is a powerful thing.

You might find that some of your previous habits don’t serve you anymore or fit into your life. Maybe you start a new job that makes you realise that you want your career to move in a different direction. Does that mean that all the habits you have built you up so far with a single aim in mind were a waste of time? Hell no! everything we learn is valuable. Discovering what doesn’t work for us and what we don’t enjoy only leads us closer to what we do enjoy. Remember that you can upgrade the habits you already have, you don’t need to throw them all out the window and start again. 

Why not try planning your calendar for the upcoming month of 2 rather than the next week or writing out a monthly to do list, instead of a daily one, for you to break down over the weeks?

I am using this period of uncertainty and madness to embrace new habits, routines and to mix things up. I highly recommend it.

If you are also swimming around in a sea of uncertainty, why not embrace it and go exploring?!

Lucy sign off

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